Vote for PAWS!


In my case, a year ago my beloved dog Winky got scared and jumped out of my car. The car was parked, of course. I wouldn't allow Winky to be able to jump out of a moving car. I never saw Winky again. Danni also lost her dog like I lost mine.

Now, Senator Knielen wants you to vote on a law she wrote in Sacramento in Northern California. The law is called PAWS, and it's a wonderful law. PAWS stands for the Pet Accountability and Warning System. It means that each pet - whether it's your dog or your cat or both - in California has to wear a collar. That collar is like a radio, except it sends a signal. If your beloved pet is lost - or even worse, stolen - then the police can look for that signal and find him or her. That way, there will never be any more lost pets. Imagine! No more stray dogs and cats, no more grieving pet caretakers like I am, and the pets will always be safe and sound!

My Senator even says that if someone doesn't even have the $150 for the collar, she's going to create a special fund to buy the collar for you! It just gets better!

Please, please, please. If you're a politician in California, vote for this law and keep our pets safe!

Well, that's all for now, and I hope you enjoyed my first page on this site! See you on the TV!