Welcome to Huff And Blow!


Hello, this is Ariadne Huffanan, and welcome to our new group celebrity blog Huff And Blow! You are of course familiar with me from my regular columns that appear in newspapers throughout the U.S. as well as my television appearances and books. And, of course, many of you know me through my political activism, such as my crusade to make hydrogen-powered Mini Coopers popular vehicles on our highways.

This blog's aims are not modest. We intend to serve as one of the leading news and opinion sites on the Internet. To that end, I've recruited dozens of the leading minds in America to discuss both current events and to provide more in-depth thought pieces. Our goal is to change and to lead American discourse and have an impact on America's place in this world.

Please, join us on our journey.

My partner in this venture is Prince Gerdt von Linbloewer from Europe, and our other bloggers will be introducing themselves over the coming days.

Stay tuned...