Bill Moyers speaks truth to power


Hello, this is Ethan, Zeke Whittle's great nephew. I'm posting this entry on his behalf due to his recent sudden illness that was caused by the Drudge Report.

First, Zeke would like to thank all of you for the well wishes. There was an incredible outpouring of grief, followed thankfully by relief once our doctors realized that Zeke was just in a deep catatonic state. He thanks all of you.

And, Zeke wants to let you know that he will return to posting here the very moment that he's able. He's feeling a little guilty about not being able to give Ariadne his all, but everyone's told him it's OK and we understand and there's no rush.

So, in the meantime, Zeke wants to suggest that you read the thoughts of Bill Moyers of PBS: "Speech at conference assails right wing". He particulary appreciated this:

"The more compelling our journalism, the angrier became the radical right of the Republican Party... That's because the one thing they loath more than liberals is the truth. And the quickest way to be damned by them as liberal is to tell the truth."