Capitol evacuated, and public distracted


Don't watch the magicians hand with the cards, watch what he's doing with the other hand.

I see that the Capitol was evacuated today due to a terror "scare." But, it was just a small plane and nothing bad was happening. The pilot has not been charged with anything. Who is this pilot? Is he a friend of $hrub? Was he involved in this so called scare, or was he just a pawn in this national chess game?

With this obvious attempt to distract our national attention, $hrub has tried to keep America on it's toes and remind us of his "leadership" against "terrorism".

And, what was George W. Bush doing with his other hand while this was happening? He was bicycling!

Yes, that's right. While Senators and Congresspeople were running for the basement, Junior was biking through a park, without being aware that anything bad was happening. Why is it that whenever something happens, he'sl always doing something else? What of those 15 minutes, George?

And, what else was happening while pResident $hrub was out enjoying his day? You guessed it: the Treasury Department was awarding $2 Billion dollars in tax credits!

Watch the magician's hand without the cards!