Chavez, Castro unite for world's poor


For decades, Cuba has stood the line against America's "yanqui" aggression. It's one of the few true democracies in the western globe. Don't let the neo-con theo-cons tell you different. Unlike the $hrub administration, Fidel Castro cares about his country's poor people.

Another target of American imperiali$m is Venezuela's extremely popular leader Hugo Chavez. Of course, if our oil wasn't under their country Bu$h wouldn't care.

Chavez is leading the fight to help his country's poor and raise their standards of living. "Cuba, Venezuela offer medial assistance to other countries": Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on May 8 said that his country and Cuba will carry out a programme entitled "Mision Milagro" with the aim of bringing light to the poor people with eye diseases in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

In Venezuela, Chavez's oil revolution pumps money into programs for the poor: Under Chavez, the state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA spent more than $3.7 billion last year on social and agricultural programs, housing and other public projects -- about a third of its earnings.

Chavez sets an example that the neo-cons don't want you to know about. Open your eyes to the truth!