President Potemkin


A "Potemkin village" is a false front, like the Wild West storefronts on the lots at Paramount or Fox. In Brentwood Confidential, we didn't use any sets like that, because it was set in the present day.

Our "President" is also a "Potemkin President." Remember earlier this week when he was in Georgia, the country that used to be part of Russia (Potemkin is a Russian word.)

Well, guess who paid for everything you see in the picture to the right. Yes, that's right: you and me! The whole visit of "President Potemkin" to Georgia was paid for by the U.S. The whole thing was choreographed by the White House, just like a TV director directs a show!

What better way to show support for Bush than to pay for everything!

I just can't believe that we paid for our own brainwashing!

While the Bush administration's refusal to support Personal Wind Farms is one thing, this is far far worse.