Saddam skivies and Rupert hates America


Or, does he? Having appeared as a guest on a few of Rupert Murdoch's television shows, I know that Rupert does nothing without the explicit approval (or collaboration) of the White House. Certainly, in a few cases Murdoch might set the tone and the White House dances, but it's usually the opposite.

Why then, we have to ask ourselves, would Rupert Murdoch's two flagship newspapers - the New York Post and the London Sun - print what might appear to be damaging photos of Saddam Hussein?

Perhaps what we're witnessing is "Flypaper 2", a renewed attempt to enrage the "insurgents" in Iraq and force us to massacre more of them then we've been doing.

After all, Murdoch would not do anything damaging to the U.S. in the long run. It might appear to be damaging, but perhaps that's just what we're intended to think.

And, as John Ciccilini pointed out below, $hrub and Karl Rove will do anything to distract our attention from issues like the Treasury Department awarding $2 billion in tax credits.

Cui bono...