The biggest story... never told!


At 1pm on March 20, 2005, gas prices for premium full serve in Malibu reached over $3 per gallon. Believe it or don't: you can look it up.

What could be behind this massive price increase, and, more importantly, who stands to profit? And, even more importantly, what aren't they telling you about alternatives?

Now, you might think of me as just an actress and the former star of Brentwood Confidential. But, what you don't know is that I'm also a committed political activist. When I'm not reading scripts or doing all the other things actresses do, I'm studying and reading about politics and energy policy. I soon began to ask myself, "What aren't they telling me about energy alternatives?" Digging further, I realized that George W. Bush, Karl Rove, their Texas energy buddies, and even the entire U.S. energy industry is deliberately trying to prevent alternatives from coming to market.

A case in point are PWFs. You've probably never heard of PWFs, but that stands for "Personal Wind Farms," sometimes called Small Wind Systems. At our property, we've installed several wind generating turbines in appropriate places. There are over a dozen placed in various passes throughout the property. These turbines generate clean, cheap energy, and we rely on them for almost half of our energy needs. Now, why haven't you heard about these before, and why aren't more Americans using them?

There are very many smart people on this site, several of whom have graduated from college. I invite all of them to help me figure out, "What aren't they telling us about energy alternatives?" Together we can find the answer to that question.