The small things that matter


It wasn't that serious of an issue, but my rear view mirror had suddenly fallen off the windshield.

I, of course, had several options. I could continue driving to Beverly Hills and have an assistant or the concierge handle the matter for me. Or, I could stop in at one of the auto repair shops, of which there were several in the area. However, I decided to momentarily shed the cocoon in which I - and all other celebrities - ensconce ourselves. I decided to fix the matter myself, with my own two hands.

I soon spotted an auto parts store, and I asked for their advice. After the usual "hey, aren't you Ward Beecher?" I was well on my way to fixing the problem. You will no doubt be as surprised to learn as I was that they have specialized adhesive to attach mirrors to windshields. I had assumed it would be a general purpose glue, but I had no idea there would be something specially made for the task.

I read the instructions and set to work. Thankfully, my mechanics had provided me with a glovebox full of useful tools, and I had soon applied the preliminary adhesive and then the final adhesive that presumably does the actual work. After a brief wait during which I signed a few autographs and otherwise saw how actual people live their day-to-day lives, I successfully reattached my rear-view mirror.

While I have done some remarkable things in my time - as well as some things of which I'm not proud - the moment when I reattached my rear-view mirror is a definite highlight. I felt that not only had I accomplished something, but that I had learned things and gained new, valuable life experiences.

As I said, sometimes it's the smallest things that teach you the most.