Viral Democracy


Each day the lies coming from the Republicans get worse and worse, and each day their power becomes stronger. They desire absolute power, and they will do anything to achieve it.

What can we do? I'd like to propose an idea that some might wish to follow in order to save this great country from the fate that George W. Bush and his cohorts have in mind for us: join the Republican Party.

Yes, that's right: become a member of the Republican Party.

Hear me out...

I'm not suggesting becoming a true Republican, I'm only suggesting that patriotic Democrats should join the other party. Step by step they could nudge the Republicans back onto the right path. If enough Democrats did this, we could even gain a fair amount of control over the party and prevent this hostile takeover of America. Imagine: socialist "Republicans", liberal "Republicans", green "Republicans", progressive "Republicans", peace and freedom "Republicans", communist "Republicans", Trotskyite "Republicans", Marxist-Leninist "Republicans", the list goes on and on. Think of us as a Trojan Horse: millions of new recruits for the NeoCon crusade for blood and oil. Yet, secretly hidden within our hearts is true liberalism, monkeywrenching their plans for world domination.

We need to attack them in the only way we can: from deep within.