Ariadne, are you there?


Hello, I am back from Europe. I had not viewed this site for some time, as I was concerned with other matters. I am surprised to find that there are so few posts. I have also been unable to contact Ariadne, John, Lori, or any of our other contributors.

Also, this is where we find ourselves.

I will carry on, until I find out where they are and what is the meaning of their absence from this site.

I have also decided that "if you can't beat them, join them" as the British say. I do not like "copycats", and I want to make it clear that this site was founded weeks before it was copied by a parvenue - if I can stoop to call her even by that name - Arianna Huffington. But, we must face the facts, and I will be running this site in the future with the goal of bringing down this Huffington Post.

Accordingly, I invite you to read the piffle from a self-promoting American celebrity named Kathy Ireland. She expects me to feel sorry because she could not find a cab? When millions were starving in Europe after the war, the Europe where she now lives? The insolence of this American whelp!