Everglades crisis


It is reported that there are 20-foot long Burmese pythons roaming the Everglades eating tourists to survive.

The normal food source of these pythons: squirrels, small rodents, birds, etc. has been severly impacted due to global warming, which has been made into a tragic situation by George Bush refusing to sign the Kyoto Treaty.

To add insult to injury, these majestic snakes are an invasive species. In fact, all of them are discarded pets or their offspring. Rangers estimate that there are approximately 1000 such snakes in the Everglades National Park, and, of course, none of them are native. Many of them were released by former owners who could no longer keep them due to president Bush's economic policies.

Furthermore, in 2000, Bush signed the Invasive Species Protection Act. This legislation was spearheaded by snake trappers and their lobbyists, and has made the importation of Burmese pythons and similar species much easier than in past years.