Questions about Judge "Scalito" Alito's background...


There are a lot of questions about George Bush's latest choice for the United States Supreme Court - Judge Samuel A. Alito - indeed.

For instance, here's the recently-sanitized "biography" from his son, Colgate University student Phil Alito:

...I was born 9 months and 2 weeks later by a midwife/wolf named Janie Jean, who would prove very influential during my formative years. Shortly after, I became interested in politics and got involved with Gary Condit (not like that). I served as a parking aide to Nancy Pelosi (I won't even start on her) but was fired when Barbara Boxer came onto me.

(A reluctant hat tip to that parvenue site.)

What else is the Alito family trying to hide from us? Are there nieces or nephews or cousins that have something to hide?

And, there's the strange case of those 20 mobsters who were acquitted. And, Scalito is Italian... Isn't it possible that someone got to him, made him an offer? Do we really need someone like that on the highest court in the land?

Worst of all, Alito would be the fifth Catholic on the Supreme Court. Now, surely, most or almost all Catholics are patriotic Americans, and only a small number of them take their marching orders from Rome. But, with that many, aren't we simply playing with statistical fire?

I - and my other contributors - will be looking into his strange, questionable background in the coming weeks.