Bollywood: the world outside your door


There's a parallel universe out there, folks, and it's bigger than our own: Bollywood. That's the word for the Indian (as in East India) movie industry, and they manage to output about 10 times as much product per year as we do. They have their own stars, superstars, and megastars. For every Brad Pitt, there's three or four Shahid Kapurs. And, for every Jennifer Aniston, there's two or three Kareena Kapoors. That's the beauty pictured to the right.

And, they have their own controversies. Last year in August, Kareena was Going great guns, as The Hindu put it. Then, just a few months later, she was "caught in the act" with Kapur. And, the wheel rolls on.

I know that many Americans have misperceptions and bigotries against Indians, and I wish they'd get over them. Perhaps a fine Indian meal, followed by a screening of a few of Bollywood's top hits, could be used to combat those prejudices.