"Open Source Media": another parvenue site


My partner Prince Gerdt and I seem to have started a most unfortunate trend: copy-cat "blogs" featuring people who aren't anybodies even at their corner newsstands.

Perhaps a bit of a history lesson is in order here. We started this site earlier this year, and the first post here was made by me on April 27, 2005.

A few weeks later, the first parvenue copykat site sprang up, the so-called Huffington Post. A larger group of air-headed nobodies you will not find.

Now, we are informed that there will be soon yet another rip-off of our original concept, the so-called "Open Source Media".

I feel like I am Sony and I am faced with a million Chinese knock-offs of my products. Thankfully, consumers can tell the difference between the real thing and a fake.

This OSM will feature far-right reactionaries like Glenn Reynolds and the much-hated Charles Johnson of LGF. For balance, they will include token moderates and liberals such as David Corn and Marc Cooper.

As if it were not bad enough, that report linked to above is written at the web site of former Drudge Report web person Andrew Breitbart, who is reputedly associated with this "HuffPost".

The reason they do things like this is because they do not want you to know the truth. Do not buy their lies. Just as you would not buy cheap Chinese knockoffs, do not buy the parvenue sites.