The truth about PlameGate and Fitzgerald


You might know me as one of the original investors in Al Gore's new TV network. But, in my past I've worked for a certain "Company" based out of Virginia. That line of work is not as dangerous as you might have heard... it's even more dangerous.

Thus, it's especially troubling to hear about Valerie Plame's cover having been blown by this irresponsible administration. As Senator Hillary Clinton told me at a private meeting in her Washington DC office:

"This administration owes our CIA agents around the world a promise that their identities will never be jeopardized. And it owes the American people direct answers and responsible action."

Unfortunately, we will not get that. Fitzmas was a dud, and all America got was a lump of coal in its collective stocking.

I say that as someone who is quite familiar with Patrick Fitzgerald, having helped prosecute - and defend - white collar criminals for a few decades, including cases involving Fitzgerald himself. He is not as impartial as you have been told, and those of us in the know are quite familiar with his biases.

Let me explain. At one time I was involved with a certain religious organization operating out of Rome. I will not reveal their name for obvious reasons, but I am sure that you will have heard of them, as they have millions of members throughout the world. My duties with this organization involved certain activities - highly legal I hasten to add - that are necessary for the proper functioning of this organization. It is also in that context that I have personal knowledge of Fitzgerald's unsuitability to prosecute this case.

To use one of those baseball analogies that Fitz is fond of, he was facing a breaking ball, but the 2nd baseman made the wrong choice in the fielder's choice. And, to use a football analogy, you don't do flea flickers on 4th and short...