What Rolling Stone isn't telling you about Global Warming


Rolling Stone Magazine has released their list of the "Top 25" "warriors" and "heroes" who are trying to stop Global Warming. I am not on the list.

Hello? Lori Gold, Brentwood Confidential, wind generation: ring any bells, Jann?

While there are several fine friends on the list, Rolling Stone Magazine continues their practice of ignoring small wind systems. Yes, driving your Prius helps, but using the wind to generate your own energy helps even more! Why exactly would Jann do this? What is his game? If not me, then Dr. Helmut Schroedingser should have been on the list. And, what is The Gropenator Arnold Schwarzenegger doing on the list? If he had his way we'd get power by burning cats and dogs, he's that evil.

What are they trying to hide from you?