Santa arrested for beating street sign


It's truly a "sign of our times" that a Sepulpa, Oklahoma Santa Claus was arrested on Christmas morning for allegedly beating a street sign with a No Parking sign that he'd pulled from the ground. Apparently this Claus had been drinking.

It's stories like this that make you wish the blue states could secede from the Union. What sort of culture allows people to dress in a no doubt red and white fur "suit, hat, beard and gloves"? While the fur was probably fake, what was he doing intoxicated on what is a holy day for millions of Americans?

Can there be any doubt that this Jolly Old Saint Nick was a good Bush supporter? Clearly the corruption of the Bush administration and of Judy Miller and the New York Times has "trickled down" to even the redcollars of Oklahoma. I cannot believe that we have three more years of this administration to go. How much more damage will they do to the American spirit in that time?