I have written here in the past about the attempts by the right-wing cabal to censor liberal media, but those posts have strangely not appeared at the site. I have also written about the refusal of certain rich "liberals" to fund the liberal media, but that also has not appeared.

Enough is enough. The time is now.

As I write this, I am engaging in a sit-in at Huff And Blow's Beverly Hills headquarters. I will not leave until I am carried out of here or Ariadne and her superrich friends meet my demands.

I have chained myself to a desk in the reception area, making typing rather difficult. I have a supply of batteries for my laptop and access to electricity. I have also brought a backpack full of food and water.

I plan to be here as long as it takes. I will not leave until Air America Radio reinstates Marc Maron to his former job as co-host of Morning Sedition. I also will not leave until those rich celebrity "liberals" begin funding true alternative radio and TV and other media.

The time for inaction and watching my posts being removed is over. All power to the people!