Alec Baldwin responds to brother Stephen's anti-pr0n crusade



Earlier today I spoke to my friend Alec Baldwin about the recent anti-pr0n crusade of his brother Stephen Baldwin. From his new home outside Paris, France, Alec told me that he completely disagrees with the actions of the "outlaw" Baldwin brother:

On Friday, Baldwin, 39, stood outside the "adult entertainment" shop and photographed workers and their vehicles as they got the store ready to open, according to an account in the Journal-News of White Plains, N.Y. Baldwin told the paper he planned to stand outside the store every day and photograph the license plates of the store's patrons to aid in tracking down their identities. He vowed to take out a full-page newspaper advertisement once a month to publish those names.

Alec told me that he was limited in what he could discuss due to pending legal action. They're currently trying to not only disown Stephen, but have him forced to legally change his last name to something else. "How about Stephen Bush? That has a nice ring to it", Alec told me.

"Senator" (as I call him) Alec said that in general he and his brothers completely oppose Stephen because of his various reactionary views. "He's an Xian, and he's a neo-con conservative right-wing reactionary. We completely oppose his views. Not only that, he's a blue-nose. We fully support the rights of small businesses no matter their nature. If I were mayor of Nyack, I would not only put an end to his 'crusade', I would encourage more small businesses to open there."