The solution to global warming?


A town in Italy that's inside a deep valley doesn't get sunlight during several months of the year, and they've come up with a horrific "solution": installing a giant mirror on a neighboring mountain to reflect sunlight into their town's piazza (that's Italian for "town square").

Even worse, we're informed that other cities in Canada, the U.S., and France are looking into similar plans.

Obviously, attempts like this will simply exacerbate global warming, reflecting the sun back to previously cool areas, heating the Earth and leading us to a global catastrophe. Some cities are even considering sawing the tops off mountains to get sunlight.

However, these plans set me to thinking, and I've asked several members of my Arcata Project to look into this matter.

What if we installed giant mirrors on high mountains, and had them reflect the sunlight back into space? We could even use the Hubble Space Telescope to carry giant - but lightweight - foil "sun reflectors" so some of the Sun's heat doesn't reach the Earth.

Of course, this would just be a stopgap measure until we can elect President Gore in 2008, then we can finally ratify the Kyoto Accords and start to work on a real solution and stop the coming global superstorm.