Jackie Johnson of KCAL


Jackie Johnson is the weather "girl" at KCAL 9 TV in Los Angeles, and this picture shows her qualifications for this important job:

Jackie Johnson weather KCAL WSVN

KCAL9 used to be owned by Disney, as these pics show. They're also affiliated with KCBS. Yes, that's right: CBS. The same honored network that gave us Edward R. Morrow and Zeke Whittle's protege Walter Cronkite.

Jackie says she's a "journalist" because she's "fascinated by weather". Well, I'm more than just "fascinated" by the coming global warming crisis, and I know that this so-called meteorologist (more like a "weathergirl") will never tell us about it. She should just pose for Playboy and leave the "journalism" to those who have different talents:

KCAL weather gal Jackie Johnson in her pajamas

UPDATE: It distresses (to put it lightly) both I and Ariadne that this is one of the most popular posts at this site. And, it isn't because of Climate Change but because of "something else". Listen up, people: Jackie Johnson's "cleavage" (see the video below) isn't going to help you when the Polar Ice Cap is melting and Oxnard is under 12 feet of water.

See video