Kimmie Meissner, Olympics, and the truth


Kimmie Meissner is a figure skater in the 2006 Winter Olympics. As you can see above, she's quite the patriot. Or, at least a patriot in the Bu$hian style. Put down the flag and the credulous smile, Kim. Just put it down and think for yourself for a moment.

How could anyone celebrate this country considering all that we have done during the $hrub administration? How could anyone feel pride displaying our flag which has been stained by the actions of our "wartime leader"? Even worse, she's wearing an ad for a clothing company in the photo above, together with an ad for our occupiers and invaders in her hand.

No, not for me.

This year, I will not be cheering for America in the Olympics.

I will be cheering for our victims in the competition. There are over 85 countries competing, including Albania, Algeria, China, North Korea, and Venezuela.

I will be cheering for them.