Republicans hate immigrants


"Why do Republicans hate Latinos?"

Consuelo asked me that stunning question in such an innocent and noble fashion that I was momentarily speechless.

For over two years Consuelo has been working for me and providing the hidden support that a site like Huff And Blow needs. While my tools are a computer keyboard and a dictionary, her tools are a toilet brush and a push broom. While I fight Bush and the Neocon cabal, she tirelessly and humbly fights dust and grime. The topic of her "status" or her "legality" has never come up. It doesn't matter: she's in search of a job, and I have jobs that need to be done. No one else need know about it or be concerned about it, because her employment affects no one else.

All across America, there are millions of other immigrants just like Consuelo. They just come here to work, and they take the jobs that Americans won't do. Can you imagine an American doing menial household tasks? They wouldn't last a half a day!

Meanwhile, the Republicans think of people like Consuelo as a threat. Their talk of "borders", "sovereignty", "the rule of law", "legality", and all their other claptrap is just a cover for their deep bigotry against People of Color. What matter "borders" in today's modern, borderless world? What "threat" could there be from a friendly neighboring country like Mexico? No person is illegal!

Bear in mind, there are a few Republicans who are not like this. While my ex-husband Mitch Huffanan had his faults and "peccadilloes" (a Spanish word - don't tell Bush!) and he was quite reactionary in other matters, when it came to immigrant rights he was a strong supporter. He had even taken affirmative action one step further: rather than simply reaching out to minorities in the U.S., he even went as far as sending recruiters to small Mexican villages seeking to improve the lots of the villagers. Within a few years, his workforce - originally just Americans - was a true international affair, with Mexicans, Salvadorans, and even Hondurans happily toiling away. They showed their true immigrant spirit, working up to 12 hours per day 6 days per week on occasion. Even the teenagers and older children had a strong work ethic, oftentimes helping their parents at the plant. In some cases nearly every person in the whole village would come to the U.S. to take the jobs that Americans would no longer do.

The Republicans - especially those in the House - want to do away with all that. Thankfully, a coalition of immigrants rights supporters intend to fight them every step of the way. And, it's a true cross-border effort, bringing together the Mexican government with the Democratic Party, immigrants rights groups, anti-war groups like ANSWER, WCW, and ISO, labor organizations... and this site.

As you watch Bush's immigration speech, bear in mind that the only people who truly support full rights for every immigrant regardless of status are the Democratic Party and our allies in this fight for the rights of all peoples around the world.