Star Jones or Barbara Walters?


I don't care and neither should you. Turn off the idiot box and listen for a second. Do you realize what is going on in America right now? Instead of watching The View, you should be watching Current.TV or PBS Now. Or, even better, listening to NPR or even Pacifica.

Do you realize how you're being sheared?

We have a Bush administration that is leading us closer and closer to the Taliban. Due to their hatred of proper government programs, Bush and his minions have been chopping hundreds of programs out of the federal budget. What's worse, Bush had the grand plan of taking over the world, and we saw where that got us! At least Saddam was elected by his people, unlike The Shrub.

Corruption stalks America, and all you can do is sit there on your couch watching Star Jones and Barbara Walters. Wake up and get up!