Energy saving tips


The pro-global warming forces are on the ropes, with temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees in many cities across the nation over the past week. It's quite difficult to dispute global warming when you can see - and feel - it all around you.

Now more than ever, it's important to conserve our precious remaining power, and I found a video that offers some very important tips culled from and other sites.

For those of you who would prefer to print out these important tips, I had my PA produce a transcript:

Try to take cold showers. Cold water uses less power than hot water. Hot water needs to be heated. Even if you have a gas heater, it's all energy. Of course, you might want to wash your "shorts area" with hot water. You'll be cleaner that way. Use regular temperature if you have a health issue with really cold water. But, not too hot. Maybe get a temperature guage to make sure the water is just right. They've probably got something like that

Try to wear cotton, it keeps you cool. Loose fitting clothing is best. If you're going to be outside, cover up. It's counter-intuitive, but look at people who live in the desert like Berbers. Consider getting a kaftan (man) or a moomoo (woman). But, remember that in the winter cotton kills. If you get cotton wet, it has very little insulating properties so make sure and not wear cotton in cold weather only when it's really hot. When you get cotton wet in really hot weather it keeps you cool.

Bring your pets inside, but keep them in separate room to keep them from heating up the room you're in. Pets don't need light, so you can probably turn off the lights in the room where they are. There are no lights in the forest and jungles, so they're used to it.

Don't drive so fast. Nowadays you can't drive 55, but you shouldn't drive above 65 either. Try to drive somewhere around 60, maybe 62. That's just right. Try not to make sharp turns or sudden lane changes. Also, always wear your seatbelt

Turn off unnecessary lights unless you really need them. You can get a gooseneck lamp with a fluorescent bulb fairly cheap, for instance at Ikea. But, you'll use energy if you go there just to get a lamp, so only do it when you're in the area already. Consider car-pooling with your neighbors so everyone can get a lamp at the same time.

Make sure and save your work frequently if you're on the computer. Even a brownout might cause your computer to crash. Chatting, IMing, and similar uses a lot of energy for you and for the server. Use a lower-power method such as email. If the server is outside the U.S. that's not that big of an issue. The server might be in a cooler country like somewhere in northern Europe or something.

If you have a nearby river or stream, consider washing your clothes there. Unless people downstream drink the water, which some people do in some areas. Don't use lots of soap, just a small amount of biodegradable soap. Then, dry the clothes on a clothesline. Tip: if the clothes are cool and wet, dry them inside. The heat from the room will dry the clothes while the cool from the clothes will help cool the room. It's a win-win.

Close your drapes to keep the sun from coming in and heating up your room. If your neighbors are used to seeing your drapes open, they might wonder what's going on and whether you're sick or doing something else. This is a wonderful opportunity to help them flex their power too. Consider talking to your neighbors about your campaign. You could walk from door to door, but don't walk too fast because of the heat. You could also phone them, but keep the calls short because that uses energy too. Consider a sign of some kind. We recommend, "Drapes closed to conserve energy. You can do this too. See or other similar sites."