Contest: Win an invite to the Rodeo Forum!


This year Bill Maher, Al Franken, David Faustino, and I will be hosting the annual Rodeo Forum, featuring a host of progressive notables from Howard Dean to Randi Rhodes to Jerry Springer to Madeline Albright.

And, if you're a conservative or a Republican, it might include you too!

One of the criticisms of progressives is that we don't spend enough time on outreach, and this year I'll be trying to change that. Up to ten lucky winners will be able to attend the Forum as my guest. And, it'll be not just a wonderful learning experience but an enjoyable vacation as well.

The lucky winners will be flown from your home town to a major hub, and from there you'll board a private jet owned by one of our regular guests. We'll fly you to the Malibu estate of one of our HuffAndBlow contributors (TBA), and you'll enjoy a wonderful breakfest by the sea.

Then, it's off to Brentwood for a day spent watching me write my columns and my upcoming book, and learning about my political tranformation from a conservative into a progressive. And, don't be surprised if a few of my celebrity friends drop by for a chat!

After a refreshing night spent at L'Hermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, you will get to join the Forum as my special guest.

Throughout it all, I will be careful not to "push" progressivism on you or try to make you transform in the way that I did. Rather, I will gently guide you towards a deeper understanding of our ideology, and show you by example how we progressives view the world and what leads us to the ideology we have.

You might still be a conservative when you leave the Forum, but I hope not! I hope that at the end of your stay you'll have the ability to see how interconnected we are and how we need to rely on each other for support, and how we need to work for the common good.

Entering the contest is easy, but you do need to be a conservative or a Republican. All you have to do is post a comment to this post before September 15, 2006. Provide a little background information on yourself as well as where you rank yourself on the political scale (far-right, right, moderate-right, libertarian, etc.) And, most importantly of all, write a 50 word essay describing why you want to attend the Forum with me. That's all! I'll select up to 10 of you and whisk you off to a wonderful, enjoyable learning experience.