Scientists, media agree on global warming effects!


Like a gathering storm, the disastrous effects of mankind's playing with nature by encouraging global warming are becoming too powerful for even the corporate media to ignore. A roundup:

The Independent offers "Jellyfish plague blamed on climate change":

[Dr. Gianluca Sara, the assistant professor of ecology and marine biology at the University of Palermo] said: "I have no scientific data but, as an observer, there seems to be a huge increase along the Sicilian coast. I feel that temperature increase and over-fishing are related to this though, at the moment, this is only my feeling."

Reuters offers "Swiss mountain crumbles under hot climate":

A further increase in temperatures of only 3 degrees Celsius could make another 80 percent of glacier ice disappear by the end of the century, their study warned, threatening farmers, villages and tourists.

And, the Sun offers "Giant swordfish netted":

[Referring to a 58 pound swordfish that was caught in the North Sea off Britain, fishing expert] Sam Harris said: "It should not be there. Maybe it has ended up there because of warmer waters due to global warming."

Tread lightly out there, the future of the Earth is at stake.