Apres Global Warming: stop the black hole factory!


The evidence of global warming is like a loud siren in everyone's ears, and even the BushCo regime is starting to hear about it and realize the trouble we're in. But, believe it or not, there is a more imminent danger: black holes.

Loretta Swit has looked into these matters in her off hours, and we've chatted about them recently (with me furiously taking notes!) It seems that "black holes" are giant repositories of anti-matter. When anti-matter meets matter, nothingness results: they cancel out, and everything that was there disappears.

Now, here's the big problem: we're matter. In fact, everything on Earth including the Earth itself is matter. If a black hole came near the Earth - or was even created on Earth by irresponsible scientists - everything - and I mean everything - could be swallowed up immediately and we'd never know what hit us it would happen so quick. No more cell phones, no more Priuses, no more gardens, rain forests, or beautiful sunsets. And, no more humanity. All gone in a microsecond.

Now, scientists are creating - are you ready for it? - a "black hole factory". This is a laboratory where they'd create the Frankensteinian monster of black holes. Yes, they'd be for study, but they'd also potentially be able to wipe out the entire Earth!

Let me be very frank: I do not trust Charles Q. Choi. He's the author of a recent propaganda piece called "Despite Rumors, Black Hole Factory Will Not Destroy Earth". These are like the "Men in Black" who try to make people forget about UFOs, except he's the "Man in a Black Hole Factory". This particle accelarator could make one black hole every single second of every single day.

That's around 75,462 per day, one and a half million per month, and eighteen million per year! With eighteen million of them being created per year, I have to believe that at least one would escape and destroy everything. Some might even bounce back after hitting the upper atmosphere, weak as it's become.

I can walk, chew gum, chat on my cell phone, and help my husband polish a script all at the same time, and so can you if you were me. So, while we're fighting global warming, I also urge all of you to help fight this evil BushCo scheme that would literally end life as we know it.