I flew to the Clinton Global Initiative... in coach


Dear Debra Saunders:

Prejudices are bad, and your latest column is worse. Only a few of the attendees of the recent Clinton Global Initiative conference flew there on their private "Lear Jets". Many of us - including me, Ariadne, David Faustino, Ed Asner, and Ashton Kutcher - flew on regular flights, in my case coach! I specifically chose that method not just because despite being a well-known celebrity I feel an affinity for other coach flyers but also in order to reduce my carbon footprint as small as possible, and driving or taking the train would have raised it more than flying on a flight with a hundred or so other people.

But, while I was on the plane, I was actually working to reduce my carbon profile. As I was jetting over the cornfields of Nebraska, my personal wind farm was happily spinning away, generating thousands of watts of electricity, some of which I share with my neighbors in Malibu! Can you, Debra Saunders, say the same?