Video: Fidel Castro is OK!


Wonderful news from Cuba, as a recent news broadcast from one of the western hemisphere's two remaining democracies shows lider Fidel Castro alive and well as Hugo Chavez - the leader of the other democracy - comes to pay him a visit and congratulate him on his return to health and his return to fighting against the fascistic dictatorial oppressor regime to the north.

Buenos suerte, mi comrade Sr. Castro!


Castro also met yesterday for an hour with Kofi Annan. Until this morning details of the conversation have not been made public.

However, a Cuban publication, Rebellious Youth, said that Castro gave Annan a book excerpt that details the life of Fidel from 100 hours of interviews between the Cuban leader and the French journalist Ignacio Ramonet.

"To Kofi Annan, our infinite recognition," reads the dedication from Castro to the Secretary General of the UN.