No drilling in my back yard!


Although my main residence is in Brentwood, I also have a weekend getaway on the beach in Malibu. The cool, fresh sea air invigorates my senses, and the view of the sunset clears my mind after a long week of investigating corruption in Washington and uncovering the malfeasances of the Bush administration.

However, if a new plan has its way my view might be blocked, and I and several of my friends intend to do something about it.

On Sunday, a small group of my neighbors gathered to protest the proposed building of an oil platform off my beloved, tranquil beach. This oil rig would pollute the seas from Point Mugu to Venice; it would be an unsightly menace; and, it would encourage even more gasoline consumption when what we should be doing is encouraging the use of electrical cars or personal wind farms.

Halle Berry - an Oscar winner - was there, as were Cindy Crawford, Jane Seymour, Dick Van Dyke and Tea Leoni. Loretta Swit oversaw the catering for the event, and we had a wonderful pancake breakfast with elderberry jam, sourdough pancakes, soy sausages, and - for those not vegans or octo-intolerant, free range eggs. Afterwards, David Faustino on his blue board, and Daryl Hannah on her pink board surfed out to a wonderful prop that Ivana Trump and Nicole Ritchie had constructed meant to represent the evil oil drilling platform that the Republican forces want to construct.

Did I say "Republican forces"? Why, yes I believe I did. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has it within his power to stop this drilling plan, but so far he has not. While lately he's moved to the center in some ways, apparently he's only willing to go so far. (I intend to chat with Maria in an attempt to change his mind, and I'll report back.)

As it said on the prop in a wonderful reference to Arnold's famed character as well as our demands: "Terminate it!"

We shall see which side Arnold is truly on.