Boycott Diesel Clothing!


Diesel Clothing - based in Italy - has started an advertising campaign making fun of global warming. My response isn't to laugh, it's to start a boycott. How dare they? Global warming is the single biggest threat the world faces today. They make fun of Mt. Rushmore being partially submerged under the waves, but what of their city Venice? As each day passes the water rises more and more; soon the entire city will be under water!

They pretend this is a bit of reverse psychology: making fun makes a "bigger shock", leading people to think about this. Well, I'll tell you what: people need to think about An Inconvenient Truth, learn from it, and watch it over and over until that inconvenient truth sinks in!

Tomorrow I'll be bundling up my Diesel jeans and other items and returning them to the Diesel Store at the Beverly Center. I won't ever be buying any of their products again, and I urge everyone across America to do the same. Good riddance I say: they're so down-market already, they even have an outlet store out in Ventura County somewhere!

In fact, I might even hold a "clothing burning", right at the corner of Santa Monica and Wilshire! How's that for a "bigger shock", Diesel?