Obama: Take Over Whole Foods! Petition


To: President Barack Obama

WHEREAS Whole Foods is the world's leading supplier of fresh, organic products to the U.S., and

WHEREAS Whole Foods is a vital part of our communities and a treasured source of delicious and wholesome foods, and

WHEREAS CEO John Mackey recently revealed himself to be a ultra-far-right reactionary who is opposed to the rational healthcare reform that the vast majority of Americans wholeheartedly support, and

WHEREAS CEO John Mackey's opposition to rational healthcare reform is also shared by other evil-mongers such as the racist xenophobic mean-spirited reactionary "tea-baggers" and others who've attended townhall meetings, and

WHEREAS the current boycott of the company not only will have limited effectiveness but may lead to a disruption in supplies to our local markets and may lead to them shutting down stores and perhaps even firing employees and will have an impact on suppliers in countries that are already suffering under decades of U.S. oppression, and

WHEREAS other companies have been taken over by the U.S. government including companies that simply produce cars or that are banks and are not as important as food, and

WE THE UNDERSIGNED progressives hereby urge you, U.S. president and U.S. citizen Barack Obama to pass emergency legislation taking over (nationalizing) Whole Foods as a vital part of the U.S. food supply and replacing CEO David Mackey with someone who will carry forth the Obama administration's progressive goals.


Ariadne Huffanan
Ward Beecher
John Ciccilini

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