Kellyanne Conway's "style"


This was bad:

kellyanne conway minuteman

This was worse:

kellyanne conway couch

But, this is the worst of all:

kellyanne conway portrait

Did you notice what's in the lower left corner?

Yes, that's right: that's a portrait of Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, arrayed in a blue velvet gown with a pearl necklace. Here's a closer look:

kellyanne conway portrait

This is what bothers me the most about all of those people. It's not how they'd forcefully deport all the Americans who are here without "proper" documentation, greatly increasing prices for everything from arugula to domestic help.

It's this. These people are, to put it in stark terms, boors. In all my time in Brentwood, Aspen, and the Hamptons, I could never imagine doing my own children's hair. That's why they make stylists.

To top it all off, there's the portrait of her like something she got from the Sears portrait studio!

(Note: I blurred the images of her children to keep them from being bullied by their fellow students [probably at a public school!]).

The President and the White House are worldwide symbols of this country. Because of Trump and Conway, the message we're sending is that we're common, lower-class trash (yes, I said it!) It's like Conway was raised in a barn, with the manners to match.

How can we expect someone like Conway to represent the U.S. when she can't even have a proper portrait made but instead goes to Sears - Sears! - like the common lumpen proletariat?