A Libertarian Christmas Carol


There's a sickness abroad in the land. I'm not referring to Bill O'Reilly's mythical "War on Christmas", but a war on what Christmas is all about. It's not about encouraging the entitlement mindset by mindlessly giving money away to the undeserving. It's not about "spreading the wealth around". It's not about enabling moochers, takers, and other parasites.

Christmas is about prosperity: an abundance of goods and services and a burgeoning economy.

Obviously, spreading the message of economic liberty at Christmastime is difficult due to socialist propaganda such as Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

Thankfully, a patriot has made the video (below) remaking A Christmas Carol the way it should have been made in the first place. In this new, improved libertarian version, Scrooge is no longer a socialist "spreading the wealth around". He's now a sharp businessman committed to what's best for everyone: economic liberty and prosperity.

Jim Gillespie is a former assistant professor of comparative politics at Arcata Community College, a former web editor of Rational Magazine, and a former Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate. He is currently an insourcing lobbyist for Hitchinson Wampoa Ltd., the Chinese State Educational and Vocational Company, and the Happy Fun Toy Company, Ltd. His thoughts are presented here only for balance, and do not represent the views of Huff And Blow.
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