A Modest Response to 24Ahead's Criticism


I've held my tongue too long about what 24AheadDotCom - aka 24Ahead.com - did to me. The time is now to reveal the truth.

As some of you might know, approximately two weeks ago 24Ahead moved his site from one hosting company to another, after unanswered support requests and the site even being down for a period. 24Ahead was tired after spending the time to move to the new server and my group - the non-profit American Patriots for Economic Liberty - was able to purchase all rights to 24Ahead's assets.

Then, the very next day, 24Ahead rescinded the offer simply because the check was drawn in a foreign currency (the Somalian shilling, a perfectly valid world currency that's in better shape than the U.S. dollar). Just because 24Ahead's bank (allegedly) refused to cash the check, he backed out of the deal. This was after I'd spent a day trying to mend fences on Twitter. For instance, I apologized to @pnmcdaniel of the Immigration Policy Center and @jb_cox of the ACLU (two frequent targets of 24Ahead's statist wrath). I'd also spent my time trying to educate his followers on the meaning of true libertarian freedom and liberty.

Bear all of that in mind if you do any business with 24AheadDotCom.

On a sidenote, let me discuss two more reasons to be wary of 24Ahead. Just recently he tweeted that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was started in 2009 by President Obama. In fact, that agency was started by President Eisenhower. It was yet another landgrab similar to the one he engaged in for the interstate highway system, both to serve his ChiCom handlers.

Even worse, 24Ahead also tweeted this: "#Yellowstoneland (formerly Yellowstone Nat. Park; the sale to D. #Koch was brokered by @FrankLuntz) is going strong!"

This was apparently an attempt to smear my friend and colleague Frank Luntz as connected to the Koch brothers. Not that there's anything wrong with the Kochs - they're two of the few American patriots on the scene today - but their connection to that deal is tenuous.

In fact, Yellowstoneland was purchased not by the Koch brothers alone but by a coalition called the Yellowstone Liberty Partners. That coalition does include the Koch brothers but also George Soros, Russian and Chinese billionaires, and their respective governments. The new owner of what was Yellowstone National Park is not David Koch alone as 24Ahead would have you believe, but a much larger and more powerful organization. So far, this is the largest deacquisition under President Paul's Land for Patriots plan.

In the mind of statist collectivists like 24Ahead there's something sinister about the Land for Patriots plan. Yet, there's nothing sinister about it: it's the way things work and were meant to work. Wealth has passed from the weak hands of the American people into strong hands who will be able to put the Yellowstone assets to their highest and best use. That might be tourism or rare animal hunts, but it might also be something else: mining for gems, gold, or uranium; hydraulic fracturing; or perhaps building luxury resorts. Before, the land was just sitting there, not being used. Now it will serve a useful purpose.

Jim Gillespie is the President of American Patriots for Economic Liberty (APFEL). He was formerly editor of Rational Magazine, an associate professor at Arcata Community College, and a vice presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. Now headquarted in the Cayman Islands due to a trumped-up charge of war crimes in the U.S., Gillespie serves as an advisor to major multinational corporations and the governments of Saudi Arabia, China, and Myanmar. His thoughts are presented here only for balance, and do not represent the views of Huff And Blow.