I have returned


I   thank you for      your thoughts and wishes of     support. I thank    Ariadne and    my nephew Ethan for     helping me through    these times.      During my absence, there has been     a     continuous     stream of bad news    for this corrupt administration.   

The most important    is PlameGate and this    business with Judith Miller.     This is to be expected from     the New York    Times, one of the most reactionary    newspapers and I use that word loosely    in the U.S. and lead by Pinch Sulzberger a reactionary of the      first order.

Ethan has helped me     put together the following montage.     I invite you     to tell me    if there is any difference    between these photos      yes Ethan put your photos    on the computer


Thank you Ethan.     I do not see a difference do   you?

Now     put it on the computer.  Thank