Virginia: Republican delegate shoots gun; what is the Washington Post hiding?


The Washington Post reports on Virginia Delegate John S. "Jack" Reid who claims to have accidentally fired a gun he was carrying in his office. The bullet - miracles of miracles - hit his bullet-proof vest which was hanging on a hat rack. Reid is - of course - a Republican.

Something about this story doesn't smell right. The WaPo treats this as a joke. Some joke: a gun being fired inside the heart of Virginia's state government. And, what are the chances of an accidental shot finding its way to a bullet-proof vest?

When all other claims have been discredited, one finds the truth. That truth the WaPo overlooks seems to be AB 717, the Virginia bill that would condemn global warming and support the "Kyoto 2" treaty. While, of course, Virginia has no power to propose or directly support Kyoto 2, it's the thought that counts. World leaders from Hugo Chavez to Fidel Castro to Kofi and Kojo Annan to Al Gore and Jimmy Carter support AB 717, but Reid is a strong opponent of this bill. Could - and I stress this is only speculation - could he have been trying to send a message to his Gaia-friendly colleagues?

And, where is the Washington Post in all this? Making jokes, as if global warming is a laughing matter. Shame on them.