Justice for Banana Boy!


The recent arrest of Banana Boy has generated a slew of bad puns and bad reportage from sources as varied as the PostStar and the UPI ("Banana Boy generates bunches of media inquiries"; that story was conveniently erased from the Star's site).

What's been lost is a fundamental travesty of justice and the omnipresent police state powers caused, at root, by the Bush administration.

The "Boy" is a costumed character who appears on WMCE TV-8 in upstate New York. He plays a crime fighter, and last week he and two co-stars were filming a fight in Hudson Falls. A policeman saw the fight, and, not realizing it was staged, pulled his gun and arrested all three.

Now, BB and his friends have been sentenced: 40 hours community service, plus a $100 fine. And, all they were doing is shooting a scene.

Aren't there better things our police and courts could be doing? For instance, finding those missing WMDs. Or, how about looking into Jack Abramoff's or Tom Delay's connections? Maybe they should go to Alaska and try to find out more about global warming.

I guess that wouldn't be too "appealing". To tell you the truth, I am sickened by this whole spectacle and this administration.