Todays journalistic ethics


Ariadne has asked me  to speak to you about the journalistic    ethics    of today's reporters.

But first I'd like to thank   my great nephew Ethan who will be helping me   publish my thoughts on the    computer. I am using    a new invention that allows me to   speak and the words appear on    the television screen.

When   I started as a young reporter    in the first world war, we did not have    such inventions. We gathered our news    and transmitted it    over telephones if we    were lucky. Todays generation has it easy. Much    too easy in    my view.

In the old times    it took real guts    to report on British aggression    against German troops    but old man Caen wanted it    and thats what    I did. Todays    reporters      dont know what their doing    with their     computers     and their portable phones.

Thats all Ethan    just put it on the computer     just do it.